Upcoming Performances:

THU Feb 13 - Alhambra Theatre WITH
Charles Neville, Tezeta Band, The Quadraphonnes, Manimalhouse, Redray Frazier, Dirigible Bros
8:00pm 4811 SE Hawthorne PDX

TUE Mar 11 - Secret Society 116 NE Russell St, PDX with Portland Youth Jazz Orchestra 7:30pm ALL AGES

THU Mar 20 - Vie De Boheme 1530 SE 7th, PDX 21+ $8 8:30pm

SUN Jun 8 - Classical Recital for the Celebration Works concert series at First Presbyterian 1200 SW Alder St. PDX at 2:00pm ALL AGES

The Quadraphonnes
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The Quadraphonnes

The Quadraphonnes saxophone quartet is not your average band. These 4 women (6 with a rhythm section) bring to the stage a powerful and rare show that delights the ear with tantalizing funk grooves and soaring saxophone solos. At clubs and festivals, they will make you dance with their funky New Orleans style show. On a rare evening, you might witness them diving into the realm of John Cage or providing lush background music at a special occasion. read more...

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Quadraphonnes saxophone quartet commonly MIS-SPELLED as: QuadROphonnes. REALLY we are the quad-RA-phonnes...NO RO...The other COMMON MIS-SPELLING = quadraphoNes (only one 'n'). QuadraphoNNes is actually spelled with two n's. WHY 2 N's? well...we are saxophonists, a little quirky. Much of the great literature written for saxophone is french. In the french language fils = boys and filles = girls. The 'lles' is a feminine ending. We simply made Quadraphonnes have a feminine ending. Call it frenglish if you will! ...Now you know!

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